Dexa-Dry Trex Decking Project

DEXA Dry is a revolutionary decking system that combines the beauty of natural wood with the durability of composite materials. What sets DEXA Dry apart is its innovative design, featuring a patented interlocking profile that creates a watertight seal between boards. This unique feature allows for a completely dry space beneath the deck, perfect for creating an outdoor living area or storage space.

Key features of DEXA Dry include:

Introducing TREX Composite Board: Beauty Meets Sustainability

TREX Composite Board is a leading brand in the composite decking industry, renowned for its exceptional durability, eco-friendly design, and realistic wood grain patterns. Made from a blend of recycled wood fibers and high-performance polymers, TREX Composite Board offers the look of natural wood without the drawbacks of traditional lumber.

Key features of TREX Composite Board include:

The Perfect Pair: DEXA Dry and TREX Composite Board

When combined, DEXA Dry and TREX Composite Board create the ultimate outdoor decking solution. The waterproof design of DEXA Dry ensures a dry, usable space beneath the deck, while TREX Composite Board provides unmatched durability, beauty, and sustainability.

Together, these two innovative materials offer homeowners the best of both worlds: a low-maintenance, eco-friendly decking solution that enhances the beauty and functionality of any outdoor space. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional wood decking and hello to a lifetime of enjoyment with DEXA Dry and TREX Composite Board.


With DEXA Dry and TREX Composite Board, transforming your outdoor space has never been easier or more rewarding. Whether you're hosting summer barbecues, relaxing with family and friends, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature, DEXA Dry and TREX Composite Board provide the perfect foundation for creating lasting memories.

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